Anatomy and Physiology

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Course Overview

This upper division elective course is a laboratory life science course where students will study the structure and basic functions of the human body.  The course will concentrate on the major systems of the body: cells, tissues, integument, skeletal, muscular, respiratory, circulatory, digestive and nervous. 

 Prerequisite:  successful completion of biology with a 70% or better


Chapter 1:  The Human Body: An Orientation

An Overview of Anatomy and Physiology


Levels of Structural Organization


Maintaining Life


The Language of Anatomy

Chapter 2:  Basic Chemistry

Concepts of Matter and Energy

Biochemistry: The Chemical Composition of Living Matter


Chapter 3:  Cells and tissue 

Chapter 4  Integumentary


Chapter 5:  The Skeletal System


Chapter 6:  The Muscular System


Chapter 7:  The Nervous System


Chapter 8:  Sight, Sound and Taste: Special Senses


Chapter 9: The Endocrine System


Chapter 10: The Cardiovascular System and blood


Chapter 11: The Lymphatic System and Body Defenses


Chapter 12: The Respiratory System


Chapter 13: The Digestive System and Body Metabolism


Chapter 14: The Urinary System


Chapter 15: The Reproductive System

Anatomy of the Male Reproductive System


Anatomy of the Female Reproductive System